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Join our journey to live a balanced and supported lifestyle through revolutionary science.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Spray-on CBD Isolate


Balance and support your lifestyle at every stage with an easy application of spray-on CBD isolates.

HYPO CBD gives you control over what goes into your body. 

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What is HYPO CBD?

CBD has a bad rap, but we are here with you to get the facts. That's because we believe in balance and support for your lifestyle and HYPO CBD, backed by science, can help.

EirTree gives you the confidence to use CBD by providing transparency behind the science and ingredients that go into HYPO CBD.  


Scientific research over the last 30 years has progressed our understanding of how CBD works within the human body. Recently, we have learned the purest form of CBD, that contains no THC, is CBD Isolates. It's now possible to get CBD Isolates into your body at the correct, exact amount. 

Thanks to HYPO CBD, you can change and control how you use CBD. 

How HYPO CBD Works

HYPO CBD is a proprietary, patent-pending formulation of CBD isolates and other natural ingredients. With over 20 years of scientific research of molecule delivery through the skin, it allows the body to take in an exact amount of CBD isolates.   

Your body does the rest. 

HypoSpray Platform

The clinically proven HypoSpray Platform, that allows the delivery of an exact amount of molecules into the body, is the base of the patent-pending HYPO CBD formulation. 

HYPO CBD Activation

Once sprayed on, HYPO CBD activates by delivering the CBD isolates into the body, leaving your skin feeling soft.

CBD Isolates Delivered

CBD has been shown to be essential for balancing the endocannabinoid system by supporting sleep and wake cycles and other health-related benefits. This minimizes pain and damage caused by injury. 


Learn more about the science and history that created HYPO CBD with a series of learning videos. Know more about CBD isolates and the difference from other CBD forms out in the market. 

HypoSpray Delivery Technology

HypoSpray Technology is the science behind how CBD goes into your body. 

CBD Isolates: The purest form of CBD

CBD Isolates are created by refining the hemp plant to pull out only the CBD. 

Setting A New Standard For Quality and Purity 

Companies that make CBD oils source their ingredients from the lowest cost third-party suppliers, which requires a heavy trade-off in respects to CBD quality. At EirTree Health, there is no compromise in quality. Our manufacturing is to GMP standards.  

Application & Usage

HYPO CBD is quick and easy to use. Spray on the skin and go.

CBD Isolate Content per spray




(2 sprays)

Standard Daily  Use

Standard Daily Use (SDU) is 30mg of spray (30mg taken once a day). Based upon the SDU each product represents a 30 application supply. Your recommended application may vary - please consult with your physician for your SDU application.

HYPO CBD - 900mg per bottle

How To Use HYPO CBD:

Remove HYPO CBD from package and take off cap.


Hold bottle upright 1-2 inches from skin.


Press down firmly for 1 spray. 

2 sprays = 1 (30mg) application.


Rub in gently. Repeat as needed.*


*Recommended no more than 2 application a day. 

Do not use in conjunction with other CBD or Full/Broad Spectrum Products


Stories from real people using HYPO CBD

JUNE 2019

Common Questions

We answer your most common questions about HYPO CBD, from ingredients in each spray to quality and control of our manufacturing. 

Each dose of HYPO CBD (two sprays) contains 30mg of CBD isolate based on EirTree's patent pending formulation. See the full list of ingredients here.  

What are the ingredients in HYPO CBD?

HYPO CBD uses CBD isolates that contain no THC and  is derived from industrial hemp. CBD isolate is a non-psychoactive.

Does HYPO CBD contain THC?

HYPO CBD was designed for long-term use in adults of all ages.

I am considering HYPO CBD. Is it right for me?

The ingredients in HYPO CBD have been tested for safety and are produced in facilities that meet GMP requirements. HYPO CBD also undergoes rigorous third party purity and quality testing. 

What is quality standard of HYPO CBD?

We recommend one application (2 sprays) in the morning and one application (2 sprays) when needed during the day. Each bottle contains a 30 application supply. 

My HYPO CBD has arrived. What now?


Balance and support your lifestyle at every stage with an easy application of spray-on CBD isolates.